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Pill Locket Necklace

Pill Locket Necklace

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Limited Edition of 100

This locket necklace is specially designed so you can keep your medications close. Wearing it not only protects your pill, but it is also practical and easy to open. Whether it's a vitamin pill, a cyanide pill, a placebo, or an illegal substance, we don't care. Wear it close to your heart. We have created a leaflet to prioritize the safety and well-being of our consumers. If you experience any side effects from wearing this necklace, please contact our customer service. For any further questions, do not bother your doctor or pharmacist.

Length of chain — 45cm / 17.5 inch
Inside dimensions — ⌀ 9mm / 0.35 Inch
Pendant material — 925 sterling silver
Necklace material — stainless steel

Supplied in Medical packaging
Contains Box, Pill Bottle, Leaflet and Necklace


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