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Lovesick T-Shirt

Lovesick T-Shirt

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Lovesick Lovers T-shirt — 110 Years of a Romantic Tragedy

In Antwerp on the 25th of April 1913, a lovesick pair leaped from the clock gallery in the tower of the Antwerp Cathedral, falling 55 meters (180 feet) to their deaths in front of a crowded marketplace. Arm in arm, they climbed to the tower of the Cathedral and, from a height of 55 meters, leaped into space, falling at the feet of passersby. The boy was 18 years old, and the girl was 19 years old. Their bodies were found with every bone broken. The police determined that it was a double suicide agreement. The couple had purchased tickets to visit the tower, and the porter had noticed nothing unusual about their behavior. Five letters were found in the tower, one addressed to the police and the others to various relatives, which showed that the act was premeditated. According to the letters, the couple had been driven to their deaths because of their love affair. Many pedestrians witnessed the tragedy, left traumatized, with some fainting at the sight. This tragedy goes in the history of Belgium as the Romeo & Juliet from Antwerp, since their love affair had similarities to the story of Romeo and Juliet. We found an article in The New York Times and used it to make an ode to this tragedy that happened exactly 110 years ago today.

Oversized T-shirt
Boxy fit, unisex
100% cotton, single jersey
190 G/M²
Raw-cut edge

Ennio is 182cm and wears size small
Alba is 170cm and wears size small

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