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A presentation of the schwerer Gustav, aka heavy Gustav. With a weight of 1.350t, the Gustav railway gun was able to shot 7-ton shells over a distance of 48KM / 30Mi., the largest caliber (800mm) rifled weapon ever used in combat. 

This piece of clothing does not affiliate with or admires the nazism in any possible way. The gun was made in Germany, it could have been about an american or russian railway gun or canon. The fact that I used the iron cross is merely for the aesthetics and not for political ideologies.

Video of the gun in action.

The concept started with one reason: firing a 7-ton shell is lit as hell.
Hoodie two by Max Reynders for MXDVS

The print on the back explains more about what inspired me to put this piece together.

Fits true to size
65% katoen 35% polyester
300 GSM Brushed Fleece

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