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Fur Morning Star Plush

Fur Morning Star Plush

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Our newly revamped morning star plush is basically a pumped-up version of our iconic morning star. The highly contrasted combination of a soft and cuddly toy with the idea of a medieval weapon is a concept that attracts anyone of every age. We've dialed up the fluffiness to eleven, but it's still a face-smacking weapon in disguise! Perfect for slumber parties, where you can assert your dominance and reign supreme as king of the hill.

Limited to 100 pieces

Big black-on-black logo embroidery 
Zipper on the side

Diameter: 60cm (spike to spike)
Weight: 1.6KG (without box)
Crystal super soft fabric, 210 gsm (100% polyester)

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• Due to the size of the plush, the shipping cost is calculated on the volume of the product and not its actual weight.
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