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Friday 13th part III Machete

Friday 13th part III Machete

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Friday the 13th just got a whole lot more frightening, we created something a lot of you always had nightmares about; a finely crafted machete lasered with MXDVS branding. This horrific piece is not just another item in our collection; it's one of the rarest collector's items we've ever produced.
Please note that this machete is strictly for display purposes and not intended for any form of play. We are not responsible for any harm caused by this collectible.

Limited and numbered to 13 pieces.

Archived on 13.10.2023

Disclaimer — This is a real machete! Please be aware that this product may cause trouble with import customs of your country if you live outside of the EU borders. We also allow this item to be picked up at our atelier in Antwerp.

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