SD CARD — Treasure Hunt

2023. SD Card — Treasure Hunt

We are excited to share with you our SD card treasure hunt. We designed a sterling silver holder for SD cards, made custom +32GB memory cards, and organized a treasure hunt for our customers and fans.

All SD cards contain a password that will give you access to a page on the 9th of November, 2023. On this page a Rebus riddle will be displayed for the coordinates of the treasure. The treasure, a customized ammo box, contains a lot of unique items but the main reward will be a 50% discount code on the entire web store. The card also contains a 3D print file of our Friday the 13th Jason mask, 5 GIFs, 4 wallpapers.

The necklace itself is a unique and limited edition collectors item, the first treasure hunt will take place in Western Europe. Our next treasure hunt will take place in North America, and we even have plans to one on every continent.

Join us on this adventure, be brave, and most importantly, have fun!

Limited edition of 100 sterling silver necklaces and SD cards.

Location Riddle available on:
9th of November 2023, 0:00:00AM GMT +01:00

Enter your e-mail and password to access the riddle: